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Application for Sponsorship

With the support of sponsors, Whispers of Wisdom is able to offer Equine Assisted Sessions at a discounted rate to families who otherwise would not be able to access our services due to financial restrictions.

Our sponsorship program aims to ______

It is designed to assist participants in need who may otherwise not have the opportunity to engage with our services.  Sponsorship makes a contribution toward equine assisted sessions/programs.  The amount of support provided is dependent on ______ [family need / NDIS funding / co-contributions / amount of sponsorship available]

Depending on capacity/availability, there may be a waitlist.


Family or person experiencing equity, financial, social or physical hardship(s) that may prevent them from otherwise being able to engage in equine assisted sessions.

An initial assessment (round one assessment) will be based upon the written application (see ____ for application).  Thereafter an assessment will be undertaken via phone / meeting to determine suitability, format and length of sessions and sponsorship commitment (round two assessment).


People receiving NDIS or other funding are not eligible for this sponsorship program.


Applicants will be notified by email within a fortnight the application meets round one of the assessment process.

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