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About Amanda

Horses run in my veins.  Growing up with horses, I have always had an inner sense of the unique and special wisdom that horses offer us.   I am an Equine Assisted Psychotherapist certified with the Equine Psychotherapy Institute.  I have a vision to empower as many people as possible to heal, grow and connect with themselves and their world in a healthy way.  Through this work, and as a volunteer with the SCRDA spanning many years, I have personally seen the unique power that horses have in affecting change.

The Whispers of Wisdom team creates a safe, non-judgemental space for people from all walks of life and age groups to have an experiential opportunity with horses to increase awareness and encourage exploration. A space for connection and acceptance.  To allow what is there to be there.  The beauty of this work is that it doesn't feel like work.

To support my business practice, I have a Bachelor of Business, Diploma of Counselling, Diploma of Modern Psychology (Clinical Hypnotherapy), am a certified HeartMath Coach and hold a Mental Health First Aid qualification.   I am a current student of The Masterson Method ™ learning this very special technique in order to better support our horses.

Most of all, I love being out with the horses in my jeans and boots while working with others to reach their goals.


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