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Equine Assisted Services

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are one-on-one with Amanda and the horses. They are scheduled for one hour.

Sessions are tailored to your needs with a focus on the issues, challenges or desires that you choose to explore.  The possibilities are endless.

Every session is unique – no two are the same. What shows up is what needs to show up. This will be different for everyone.  We hold space for you to explore yourself at your own pace.

You will be offered a relational experience with one or more horses that is specific to your goals. This might be just spending time with a horse, grooming, touching, leading or working with obstacles that you actually get to make. 

You do not need any experiences with horses.  You will be invited into the session and get to choose what feels safe and right for you.

One-on-one sessions are a powerful way to deepen awareness of yourself in this moment.  With greater awareness comes greater choice. 

Please view the video on the home page if you would like an overview of the framework of a session.

Horse Wisdom Program

The Horse Wisdom Program provides an effective, social emotional skills building program for a variety of clients.  The program runs for 7 sessions covering the following topics:

  • Regulation / Calm

  • Awareness / Noticing

  • Boundaries

  • Relationships

  • Thinking & Talking

  • Feelings

  • Facing Life's Challenges

The program is facilitated by two specialist practitioners, in nature, in the presence of horses. Small group only.

This program is highly recommended.  It can be run as individual sessions week-to-week or by combining sessions into half days.

This program is for everyone - children, adolescents and adults alike and is tailored appropriately.

Equine Therapy 26.HEIC

School Holiday Programs

Our 'Super Powered' school holiday programs are a great way for your child to engage in activities with horses (on the ground) and other peers.  Topics that may explored include:

  • Calm / Regulation

  • Social Engagement - small group of peers

  • Identifying strengths (which might not be what you would expect)

  • Critical Thinking

  • Emotional Awareness


These programs are facilitated by two specialist practitioners, 4 horses and a loving border collie.

Connect with us on Facie and Insta for upcoming program dates.

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There's something about the silent wisdom of nature as she whispers to us in the winds, warms us with the sun, cleanses us with the rains, and holds us with the earth.

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