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Why Horses?

The presence of horses in a learning environment can have profound mental, emotional and physical benefits for humans.  Horses can provide clients with additional support, increased awareness, new perspectives and emotional regulation.

Horses are non-judgemental herd animals. They live in close connection with each other so can support humans to explore relational themes such as personal boundaries, trust, attachment, intimacy and vulnerability.

As horses have highly evolved senses, and an incredible ability to read subtle body language, they often provide clients with immediate feedback around the client's experience, which can facilitate increased self-awareness and offer new perspectives.

Through modelling, horses can teach us how to use feelings as information, and to express emotions in a meaningful and healthy way. As horses live in a state of full bodied awareness, they model how we can effectively ground ourselves and return to a regulated state that feels tolerable.

I like to think that this WISDOM is shared, not with words, but with unique horse WHISPERS. We just need to be curious and open to listen with all of our senses. 

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