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Meet the Team

Amanda Gunn is the founder of Whispers of Wisdom and the Principal Practitioner of this work. 

Sharon Watts is the Owner of Equine Connection & Direction.   

She is the owner of the facilities, Outback, Trooper, Frank, Merv and Flash featured here. 

Sharon is trained as an Equine Specialist and has many years experience in EAL services. 

We work together to provide clients with a unique experience.

We work 'with' the horses as co-facilitators. 

They are invited to join sessions and choose to participate.   

We work within a sensitive 'I-Thou' relationship with horses – utilising the Equine Psychotherapy Institute’s

'Way of the Horse' psycho-educational and trauma-informed model.


The 'I-Thou' relationship can be described as viewing the 'other' (eg. horse, human)

as an individual being with their own wants, needs and desires that are equally as important as our own.

It is always a lovely surprise to see who turns up in their own unique and beautiful way.

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